The Kansas Pharmacy Foundation (KPF) will complement the activities of the Kansas Pharmacists Association (KPhA) by generating funds, generating ideas and responding to requests on areas of mutual concern.

The Activites or Goals as stated are:

  1. Encourage and assist the professional enrichment of pharmacists.
  2. Encourage pharmacy public relations and consumer education.
  3. Improve and expand the quality and scope of pharmaceutical services by innovation and improvement.
  4. Cooperate and support KPhA on areas of mutual interests.
  5. Encourage programs, which produce positive public attitude and positve self-esteem of pharmacists.
  6. Encourage and promote pharmacy education.

Legacy Endowment Group

KPF exists to extend the welfare and integrity of the profession of pharmacy into the legends of time. provides a means to memorialize and extend your personal commitment to pharmacy, and as a foundation, we are consistently searching for ways to have a lasting impact on the pharmacy profession.

The LEG was been established for this reason. LEG is comprised of individuals who wish to provide an affordable gift of life insurance to the Foundation. Your commitment of life insurance will provide a substantial deferred gift with modest annual contributions for 12 years. The annual premium may be tax deductible as it is paid to KPF, an IRS approved charitable organization.

This brochure outlines the purpose, goals and activities of the Kansas Pharmacy Foundation. LEG will help assure KPF the long-term reality of enriching and building the heritage of Kansas pharmacy. Each of these insurance policies will go to support the many goals and activities of KPF now and into the far future. LEG seems an appropriate acronym because our legs support our individual activities, just as the LEG will support Kansas pharmacy long after we are gone.

For more information, call Pharmacists Mutual at (800) 247-5930 ext 4250.

Honorary & Memorial Donations

An Honorary or Memorial gift is a wonderful way to honor and respect the accomplishments of an individual within the pharmacy profession. A Memorial Gift gives family, friends and colleagues an opportunity to recognize a departed loved one's dedication to his or her profession, while an Honorary Gift can commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and graduations.

To make an honorary or memorial gift, you may submit your contribution online. If you would like to make a contribution based on monthly withdrawals, please contact the KPhA office at (785) 228-2327 or email